January 13th, 2009



About college.

When I think about everything that is good in my life, which is basically everything despite my troubles and stresses, Western seems terribly far away. Then I feel bad for thinking that, because Katie managed five months in a foreign country across the atlantic. Now THAT'S far. And at one point, Western was undoubtedly where I wanted to go. I loved everything about it. I loved the idea of me and Katie going together, of being roomies. And that became a huge part of its appeal. But now, hearing Katie and Sami talk about their plans to go to Western and be roomies together, I second guess Western. I shouldn't care; that shouldn't be the reason I choose to (or not to) go there. But, when it comes down to it, the reason I want to stay home and go to Oakland is because I don't want to leave my friends, my mom, my brother, my house, my room, my chia pets. These are horrible reasons not to enjoy college and dorm life. But why leave when everything is so good, when I am so content? What if everything becomes worse?

But then what if it is better?

I just don't know.
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