January 14th, 2009


Back to the future.

normalcy: n. expectedness as a consquence of being usual or regular or common.

Today was a pretty good day. I created a couple of amazing divider pages, caught up on my reading in real life lit, and had a great time in drama with both Rob AND Vince. I don't have much to say except for that, today, drama finally felt like how it once did. How it used to be. When it really was the best class of the day.

During lunch, as we talk about Boneless Thursday plans:
Cassler: I thought I made a New Year's resolution for you, that you weren't going to eat out.
Sam: I don't eat out... that much.
Pearce and Matt: *Hysterical laughter*
Erica: *Hysterical Laughter*
Ashlee: *Hysterical laughter*
Karley: What is so funny? Did I miss it?
Ashlee: Think of it in a bad way.
Karley: *Hysterical laughter*
Sam: ...I don't get it.

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A few things

1. In French, we are getting shirts that have a peace sign, a heart, and an Eiffel Tower on them and underneath it says, 'paix, amour, Français' (peace, love, French). Ah, they are going to be soo super cute. And, between Jessi, Danielle, and I, we picked the colors: charcoal shirt with a pink heart. :)

2. I had to write a monologue poem for creative writing but we had to change our age and something else. So I decided to write as a middle aged black woman. So we're sitting in real life lit, Vince and I, and I told him what I was doing. So he pulled out his notebook and at the top wrote 'Ode to a middle aged black woman' and started writing a poem for me.

"I said, hey yo LaRonda, what's on TV?
I'm getting my hairs done, so you see.

On goes the TV and with it Montel
That's a fine black man, as far as I can tell"

LMFAO <3 <3 <3

3. I TOTALLY FORGOT TO TELL YOU. Since I am now a working woman, I decided I'd go tanning again. AND I even bought a level two package, muhahaha. I love tanning. I love it more than I love being tan. It is so relaxing. Laying in a pool of your own sweat with the nice breeze and the music blaring right behind your head. And I'm not even being sarcastic. :D

Okay, Walking // The Dodos just came on. Wtf? I do not need these kinds of signs on days like today, akjlfsdgh.

"You can fight the fire that's in your head"
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