January 27th, 2009


"You say goodbye and I say hello"

territory: n. any tract of land; region or district.

I dreaded going to school yesterday. My one thought was I must see Rob sometime throughout the day.

So I walked into the school, went to my locker, and down the hall to Ms. Flanigan's art room. It was like, full, so I sat next to Jesslyn Clark, who was one of the very few sitting by themselves. Haven't escaped Tommy Alsaiyad, though I'm not saying I mind. And Alyssa is in there. And Leo. And Mariah Moore and Danielle Dugan. Flanigan seems pretty nice, although she's already pointed out that no food or beverages are allowed in the classroom. Well... Ms. Flanigan... I have this caffiene addiction see and, because I don't get sleep anymore, I need to drink coffee every morning. We will have to work something out. Anyway, I am not artistic but I guess I will try my best-ish and see what I can make of this multicultural crafts class.
-No food or beverages?! Whaaa?!
-No artistic bones in my body.

I went to the locker to pick up the French binder and from there, I decided to walk down the second science hallway, you know, coincidentally bumping into Rob. We talked about how he ate all of Jay's airheads for a moment and then I headed up to Cassler's room for independent study. Erica is in there with me! Yay! It could also be rather distracting for the both of us, but we'll make it work. Cassler is still breathing down my neck because people, not that I'm saying any names JESSI and MATT, get nothing done when they are supposed to. And it's Cassler's prep hour so that's good. Although I will miss those little sophomores referring to me as "Assistant Lady". Note the touch of sarcasm. Only a touch.
+This is now Cassler's prep hour.
+As of now, I don't share the lab with Conley, like I did last semester.
+Erica and I share an independent study.
-...Erica and I share an independent study.
-I liked going there first thing in the morning. I liked starting my day off with Cassler.

After I did work, I went to French. So both my ex-French buddy and my new French buddy dropped out. And my ex-French buddy was Alyssa's new French buddy but now we're BOTH ex-French buddies so it's like, we're in it together! Me, Alyssa, and Moon. And Oliver jkdfsafhskjda god that man is sexy. Overall, between oral and written, I got 100% on the French exam. Somone got 104% (my guess is Oliver) and someone else got 101% (my guess is Adam) but I am still happy. Anyway, French is French. We're supposed to watch Molière <3 <3 <3 sometime this semester which would be GREAT. But right now we're watching Tintin. Whatever I love French weeee.
+French is French. <3
+Oliver. <3 Hahaha. This is a bad reason.
+Molière?! Ah, I love Molière. <3
-No Jessi.
-No Danielle.
+Just me, Alyssa, and Moon. <3

From French, me and Erica headed over to yearbook. I have work coming out of my ass. I'm sure if I were to bend over a bit, you could see it. Actually, it's not that bad. It could be worse. And it has been worse. But people need to start doing shit. Some people are becoming slackers, people that are NOT slackers who rarely ever slack. Gahh!
+Well, it's yearbook.
+One more deadline! At least, for everyone BUT me.
+Our wall. <3
-Sharing the lab.
-"We want the L."
-"Turn the music down."
-No swearing.
-No phones.

Lunch is still the same. Sam comes in during C lunch like always. And we take C while Curcio takes B so we're only technically in the lab with the newspaperers for a half hour. I don't mean to hate on newspaper, but we are very territorial about our yearbook lab. Curcio is just gonna have to live with us and our crazy ways :)

At the very end of yearbook, I went to Aulwes' class to get Vince. Together, we walked down to Tonkin's classroom with Katie and Jessica. Jessica is dropping but Jillian, Marissa, and Mary are in that class as well. It is a HUGE class. There are like, 36 people, most of them being seniors. Before class started though, Vince and I went to visit Ms. P. <3 Oh, how I'll miss that class. It is really hard already. Anyway, swim will suck, but Vince, Katie, Marissa, and even Mary and Jillian will make it great, I am sure.
+VINCE. <3 <3 <3
+Katie. <3
+....Scott Postl, won't lie.
+Fifth hour.
-Ms. P's door is two down and one over.
-Fifth hour is NOT what it was. Not anticipated, not absolutely LOVED, not me and Rob going down to the stage everyday.
-It's swim. Really. Need I say more?

Katie and I went down to my locker and as we were going to the bathroom, Rob attacked her. Katie... not me. It's okay, though. I got to see him again. I asked him how fifth hour was, and seeing as he has Dougherty... well, it was great. But I hit him anyway. I want to hear that it was horrible and that nothing will ever compare to advanced drama. He said he missed me anyway but my doubts are higher than my hope at this point. So as Katie was dragging me into the bathroom, I told him to be upstairs in Cassler's after sixth hour. He agreed.

I walked into Z's class late. I still need to learn how to spell the man's name and I will. Tomorrow. Anyway, the room was PACKED. Literally, there was one more desk and it was mine. Jessi, Laura, and Jill are in that class with me, along with a shitton of other people. Z seems nice... not sure how good of a teacher he is but we'll see. He's no Mr. Martin, I'll tell you that much. But the class is about reading books and watching movies. It won't be hard. I sit by Jill and Ben and behind James. Should be a good time, right? Eh, let's hope so. Z bored me to the point of ZZs yesterday but I think that was because I was feeling ADD and clausterphobic.
+Read books.
+Ben and James will be fun.
-Mr. Martin, I miss you! D:
-PACKED class.
-Too much blackboarding. I only blackboard for Mr. Martin. *Pouts*.

I went to Cassler's room where I met up with Sam, Erica, Lisa, Rob, and Austin. Everyone was like, UBER rushed for some reason so we left rather early. I came home, talked to Karla, got ready for work, went tanning, had a pretty good day at work, came home and... was exhausted. Ah, what else is new?

The day was bad. It was bad because instead of going to advanced drama with Rob, I went to swim. It was hard. It was hard only seeing him a couple of times for a split second in the halls. And instead of seeing Mr. Martin, we now share the lab with God-loving, rule-following, no-phones or swearing Curcio. It is rough, but the change isn't all bad. It's never all bad. But the Rob thing is hardddd. And it was even harder today, considering I only saw him once. It will get easier, and better, but for now, I am wallowing.

And now for the part about the pool.

The pool is one of those strange beauties, I think. Like walking into the commons on pep rally day or standing on the tennis courts in the wind or THE STAGE. I walked into the humid, smelly, half lit up pool today and I just wanted to jump in and start swimming. Just float in the water by myself surrounded by the vast openness of Tower's pool. To a swimmer, the pool is probably like the stage. I don't know why but I just loved going down to the pool today. Maybe because it was fifth hour. Maybe because it reminded me of the stage, or Rob. Tomorrow the pool will probably just be hot and smelly but who knows...

Sometimes things fall apart so that
better things can fall together. <333
-Marilyn Monroe
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