March 17th, 2009


"I can't do these flips; I'm deficient. Karley, I'm deficient!"

deficiency: n. a lack or shortage, especially of something essential to health; an insufficiency.

Five hours of yearbook: NB, Not Bad. Got a lot done. And speaking of NB, I love Nick Boyd for being amazing and taking great pictures. And I especially love Vince for making me lunch :) What a sweetheart, srsly. Kinda lame, kinda cheesy, but come on. How many guys do that? <3

Tennis: First day of competition and I sucked BALLS. Kali beat me 13-6 and Evie had 5 which is NG, Not Good.! Bad dayyyy. But it was so nice out. Wore my shorts that I love and yeah. It was great. Except for the sucking part. And the part where I totally ran into the net and fucked up my leg. Ah well. Take one for the team, ha.

So, now, an updated list of yearbook needs.

  • Put picture in 26-27 for WO 9
  • SEND WO 9!
  • Send WO 11
  • Finish WO 13 (Mandarin/AP, Boys Swim & Dive)
  • Have someone, ANYONE, do the mugs
  • Have someone do the index
  • Finish closing; figure out picture 
  • Finish colophon
  • Start WO 14
  • Send 84-85
  • Discuss staff mugs with The Woman
  • Talk to Greg about special characters
  • Remove Nick Boyd's photo from bar in Junior mugs
  • Folios!
  • Have Nick Pearce make black folios
  • Fix football
  • SEND WO 8!
  • WO 14 corrections
  • Get staff names

NB, Not Bad.
NBAA, Not Bad At All.

Oh also, I am on a lunch strike until I finish the book. :) And then once I do finish, I am actually going to take a day off and not come to school. It will have to be carefully planned (around school, tennis, and break) but I will do it! Not that it will really matter because once yearbook is over, obviously I won't be stressing over yearbook. Therefore, there will be no reason for a mental health day. But damn, I deserve one.
I can't wait till everyone is doing their theme projects and I am sitting on my ass, with my feet up and my hands folded behind my head, watching them. :)

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"You left without a single word
Not even sorry
It might've hurt worse to hear you say
'I'm leaving, goodbye'
But your smile still makes my heart sing
Another sad song
I can't forget it
I won't regret it
'Cause I'm still in love with you"

Still In Love With You // Jonas Brothers
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