March 27th, 2009


Lmao grammatically incorrect program


Grease was so amazing! I loved loved loved it. Everyone did so good, even my man Vince, whom I def bought a rose for.

In other news, no caffiene today (tasted like watered-down creamer; ND, Not Drinkable) which meant I was: bitchy, tired, TOTALLY OUT OF IT, and in a horrible mood. I was on the verge of tears at tennis today because Mr. C made me play singles against Megan and she is lke, obviously better than me, which meant I got killed. And I was pissed because of course Andrea and Erica and Kali already knew that they made varsity but I was on the list of potentials. And that is frustrating, because it meant I had to play my absolute best, even though C told me I had a leg up and was top dog. But then I went and got my ass beat by Megan nad I was just so upset. But then at the end of practice, he told me I had made it, that I had played well enough, and that he just wanted to see how I stacked up. Unfair match up, but now that I know I made it, I really can't complain.

Work 10-6 tomorrow. Totally fucking sucks except I don't have to close. Which means I might go see Grease again! With my mom, haha. She wants to go and I honestly have no idea who is going tomorrow at all so. And it's definitely worth seeing again.

Oh and I drove Vince home today and he does NOT have Jesus statues in front of his house, despite his Italian Catholic ways, hahahaha.

Got the new Instinct. Have no contacts. Please leave your cell/house numbers so I have them. Thanks. :)

Oh and my book is finished. Not checked, not sent. Just finished. Like I ate lunch today. Although just thinking about it makes me want to PUKE because Titan Terrace is DEESGUSTING. NC, man.
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