March 29th, 2009


Rice pudding

I went to see Grease twice because I loved it so much! Haha. I would have probably gone today too if I didn't have to work. Ah well.

I guess it's hard, because I really wish I would have done it. Almost everyone who was apart of Twelve Angry Jurors did musical, even Lexy as the student director and Rob as the techie... I miss everyone from the play. I just miss the play. The auditorium, the stage, the adrenaline, the cringing when someone fucks up but there's nothing you can do about it except move on... I can take comfort in the fact that I would have never had time to do the musical but it's hard. I loved my Twelve Angry Jurors family and I hate that we're not together anymore. :/

Anyway, knowing that I got to go see Grease yesterday after work was the only thing that got me through my eight hour day at Manzella's. I rushed home from work, washed the beef pastrami from my body, and went to the musical with my mom. I made my rounds to the people who I didn't get to see on Friday and I saw Vince (and Andrew) again. When I got home, I felt very emotional. I just kept being like, "ZOMG GREASE WAS SO BEAUTIFUL!!" and annoying everyone in the house.

Then today I worked another long shift and that was my weekend. Two viewings of Grease :D :D and two long days of work.

"You're like an Indian summer in the middle of winter
Like a hard candy with a surprise center"
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