March 31st, 2009


Fuck titles.

1: Jessi and I are going to prom together lol. I was in a pissed off mood right, and Jess was like, let's go for a walk. So we went walking around the school during fourth hour, looking for change on the ground so Jessi could buy something from the vending machine or looking for Mr. Doug to give her a piece of gum. So we run into Doug and I said something like, yeah Jessi is just cheering me up. And he was like, oh is he taking to you prom? And I was like, no actually she's not. Haaaaaa. Anyway, then on our walk part II, I asked Jess if she was going to prom and she said no. And then we got into this fake hitting fight and then we hugged and made up and decided that we would in fact go to prom together. Sam said Vince might be a little upset, but that Jessi could take him anyway. I said this was probably true, LOL. :) <3

2: No swim today due to the delayed start. IF ONLY EVERYDAY WAS A DELAYED START DAY GAHHHH. I hate swim now :( And I hate it even more when I am on my period and my hair looks good. :(( So we were in Tonkin's room and when the bell rang, I told Vince to meet me in P's. I went there, and who shows up? Rob. Him and his little red nose and his deep groggy voice. Vince walks into Ms. P's room while Rob and I were standing there (awkwardddd) and that is when Ms. P says, "Oh! Your man is here!" And I smiled, almost at Rob, and said yep, that was right. Vince is my man. Then Vince left, and  Rob and I were civil, and instead of being a bitch, I was nice. Hugged him, told him to feel better, said I loved him too. Ohh that kid.

3: I get home, and my mom informs me she is making omelets for dinner. Fine, but there is one problem: THERE IS A SEVERE LACK OF MILK IN THIS HOUSE. How can I eat an omelet with no milk? So I ask for money and run up to CVS. I was browsing the Easter candy (lol) when someone comes up behind me and says hey. It is Vince, decked out in black sweats from track and a baseball hat. I asked him if he had followed me up there when I noticed his mom and sister standing at the check out counter. Vince and I chatted for a few minutes, about upcoming matches and meets and dodgeball and our plans for Friday (I specifically used the term "go out" instead of "hang out" because I am apparently going to have to do all of the work when it comes to this boy). But how ironic; of all the people I could see up at CVS while I am buying milk, BY MYSELF, I see my man. Vince. My man, Vince.
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I've read every word you wrote...

Oh, and how many times do I have to read between the lines
To understand what you were saying when
Your fingers typed those lies time and time again?

"No. It is an epic failure."
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