May 16th, 2009


About the yearbook

It will be distributed on Thursday. I am SO SO SO excited to see it.

But I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous. I know there will be people who will tear it apart because they don't like it or they're not in it or this and that is stupid or for "voteing."

I hope most people love it. Mostly I won't get recognized for my work--friends, yes. Peers, no.

But if people do hate it, hate my layouts. Hate the stories. Hate the bad pictures.

Don't hate it for sucky quotes. And do NOT hate it for "voteing."

It won't be perfect but damn I tried my hardest. My senior year was dedicated to this thing and I worked my ass off to make it great.

People won't know that but I know that. Editorship is a job. And it's hard when no one else can write as well as you. There are people who come close, but not close enough.

Again, people don't know that I was chosen as editor mainly because of my ability to write. But I know that.

So when people see "voteing," I hope they remember that, usually, it was a lot worse before I got to it.

Sorry if this is cocky. I just really am nervous. :/ :(

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