May 21st, 2009


Distribution day

brilliant: adj. splendid or magnificent.

I was nervous. I was afraid of negative feedback and I was afraid of people pointing out mistakes. Distribution was about as organized as possible; it's difficult in the tiny conference room with so many boxes of books. But we highlighted and organized and counted and distributed.

I really can't say much more than how good I feel. There are fuck-ups (some that are noticeable, others that no one will know about except me) but the feedback that we got on it--from students, staff, administration--was amazing. To me, it is just another yearbook. How much did I change honestly? What did I do that was so much better than other years? But it must have been something, because when people specifically seek you out to express their sincere admiration for the book or when a normally critical student says it's the best yearbook by far, you know that something was done right. And not only right, but better. I feel good. I feel accomplished. I feel rewarded.

It's not just mine though--do I think it's as much Matt Blevins' book as it is mine? No. But the vast majority of the class worked hard on it and cared about it. Andrea, Erica, Ashlee, Jessica, Nick, Nick, and Dani especially deserve special recognition for it. We worked hard and we got what we wanted--we wanted the best yearbook in all four years. And based on what people have said, I think we did it. Cassler is even going to work tomorrow, whereas usually she takes the day off after distribution so as not to have to deal with angry parent phone calls. But she doesn't think it will be bad this year, not bad at all.

I'm proud of myself. I feel no shame in saying that I am very very proud. I love it.
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