June 15th, 2009



premonition: n. a feeling of anticipation of or anxiety over a future event; presentiment.

1. Don't even ask me why, but sometimes I think of the strangest things, especially when I have time to think or when I am laying in bed. But for some reason, just a couple of days ago, I was totally thinking about Rob getting texting, which is something I wanted him to do back when the two of us were talking. I would still occasionally text him anyway but he would almost never text back because he didn't have a plan for it. So today, when my phone rings and shows Rob is sending me a text message, I almost didn't believe it. And when I opened it, it said, "Ahh! I triumph over the forces of evil with unlimited texting!!" And I'm just like WTF?! I so called that one! And I proceeded by telling him I was gonna make him a textor and text him erryday. But srsly. How wild is that?

2. I was thinking about my dad not that many days ago and how it's usually nice to see him and junk like that. And I was wondering when I was going to see him next and that I missed his old sarcastic ways and how we would always pick on my mom. Like there are things he used to call her that I can't say anymore because that was something he did. My dad's a pretty funny guy, actually, and I do occasionally miss that. Unfortunately, it's not worth all the bad shit, but still. So I'm sitting at Jay's game, by myself because my mom had to work late, when I hear Alex's dad say, "Oh hey, Chris." And I swing around and there's my dad, standing behind me. It was a pleasant surprise really, because I definitely didn't expect to see him there. My mom sort of failed to mention that he had gone to the last couple of games. So we talked about Florida and whatnot and I told him about my ticket which he found much more amusing than my mother. But yeah. Just thought that was kind of weird.
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