July 8th, 2009


A regular update? I think so

Lately? Work.

Which blows, by the way. Especially considering we have a new manager who has yet to learn a lotttt. She's nice but she's new. It's frustrating on days that I have to close. Getting out at nine is NA, Not Acceptable.

Despite that, it wasn't SO bad today because Sam worked. This kid, my god, is a reason to go to work. Well, idk. I'm probably not exactly allowed to say that anymore. But oh well, I'm going to say that anyway. Sam's stupid ass goofy smile is enough to keep work interesting and it's even better when he tells Tina he has a pimple on his back he needs popping. He's funny. And we get along and he will hopefully be at my grad party. Anyway, enough about him.

Other than work, my time has been consumed by the boy. Well sort of. I mean, he's only been back since Saturday so I saw him Sunday. Saturday I went to the Grosse Pointe fireworks with Katie, Sami, Erica, Ange, and Kevin. After a mini sort of bbq at my aunt's. Both were lovely, but the fireworks were definitely a lot of fun. There's nothing like having heart to hearts with Kevin and taking pictures by the water. That was much fun, and definitely needed. <3

So Sunday, after my 3.5 hours of work, I came home and did some stuff outside. We're basically doing everything in order to get the house looking top-notch for the grad party, which is quickly approaching. Anyway, after that, Adam came over. Which he really is great. I don't even know what to say. He's cute and he's smart and he's funny. He knows what to say and when to say it and I'm happy to be around him. He's great.

I also went to Coney today with Ashlee, Katie, and Karla. Gotta love Coney, it's always a great time. Coney is one place where good memories are always formed. ALWAYS. Unfortunately, Karla leaves tomorrow :( Her stays are never long enough.

Tomorrow could very well be the beginning of my five+ days off. Which means I'll be doing a lot of various shit for my mom and getting in some quality time with people. Possibly Jess, that would be great. And my amazing friends, who I definitely don't see enough of. And probably more of the boy. Him and I need to actually go out one of these days though. We never really have before.
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