August 3rd, 2009


Dear August,

Oh August... you are one silly month, you know. I was born within you and this year, you will grant me my 18th birthday. With that (and possibly a pack of cigs), I will go off to Western, after packing up my life in Warren and saying goodbye to my family, friends, and Adam. Not to mention The Taurus, Tower, and Manzella's. Everything that I am used to and know like the back of my hand. August, you are sending me on quite a journey and while I welcome that journey, I resent you for bringing it so fast. While this summer hasn't been like last, I do have my boy and thanks to you coming at me full-force, I'm really beginning to appreciate the time I get to spend with my family. You've already offered me one laughter-filled Saturday night Tsatsanis bistro that I am thankful for. But you can only give me a couple more and while I can't blame you for that (considering that's all any other month could give me), I still hate to say that it's already early morning on the third day of August. In less than a month, I will probably be sitting on my extra long twin bed in the dorm that still reminds me of a prison cell only feet away from Katie missing my pink walls. Maybe that's not your fault, August, but only you can bring on September and with September brings a whole new life, one that I will never be fully prepared for. Knowing you, you'll fly by in an attempt to get me out into the real world. Don't you know how much I'll miss what I have here in Warren? Can't you last a little longer than usual? I know that's far too big of a request, August, but at least take your time. I'm not rushing you, so I hope you don't rush me either.

I feel like it was only yesterday I flipped the calendar to July. I hope that's not how I feel the next time I have to do it.
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